Non-Performing Judgments

Our preeminent and award winning Dormant Judgment Process monetizes what had been older non-paying judgments, adding significant net-back to our clients on what had been these  previously non-performing assets.

  • Judgment Validation, including the ability to obtain judgments and to recalculate owed balances
  • Use of an agency network for non-asset accounts, typically covering a client’s out of pocket legal expenses
  • Use of our money and resources to find and confirm assets
  • Management of the execution of those assets in our legal channel utilizing lean six sigma reporting and measurement tools
    • Multiple Servicers – Multiple Segments
    • Monthly Garnishment Goal Production and Distribution
    • Garnishment Production Tracking (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) – Servicer Feedback
    • Legal KPI Report – Client Level – State Level – Product Level – Firm Level – Competition Analysis
    • Firm scoring incorporates back office operations and compliance performance
  • InvestiNet leverages the analytics from the over one million judgments placed with us to date to set expectations, create models and champion challenge results.