Digital Collections

Online Debt Collections Team

Our digital collections strategy allows customers to pay at their own pace on a customizable plan that works for them.

We’re proud to offer customers a proprietary online portal to manage their account. We offer customers multiple payment options, instant account updates, and online resources to resolve their balance with ease.

If customers ever need to talk to a real person, our knowledgeable customer support team is just a phone call away—no automated directories. 

Dormant Judgments

Debt collections dormant judgements

Monetize non-paying judgments with InvestiNet.

Our technology-native analytics team brings the clarity that allows our clients to focus on the right KPIs at the right time.

Enhanced services include:

  • Verifying that customer information is accurate
  • Account and court document reviews
  • Maintain compliance with everchanging federal, state, and local requirements

Our internal firm scoring system incorporates back-office operations and compliance performance in allocation, rewarding high-performing servicers with high-performing inventory.

Our nationwide network of collection agencies and law firms means that we apply the right strategy to your judgments—wherever your consumers are located.

InvestiNet follows industry-leading data security standards to ensure mitigated risk for our clients and their customers.

Suit Servicing

Debt collection suit servicing

  • Analytics-derived suit-selection process helps to ensure that our clients are profitable by selecting the most optimal accounts for servicing
  • Prioritizing within the portfolio allows us to deliver speedy collections for our clients
  • Compliant in methodology and data security to ensure mitigated risk for our clients

Asset Location

Debt collection asset location

Our unmatched investigation team can help unlock the hidden value of client inventory. Our clients hire us to revitalize their portfolios with actionable assets.

  • We offer our clients competitive pricing through automation and industry-leading data analytics
  • High quality, confirmed assets for your portfolio that are actionable
  • Compliance, data security, and operational risk management for our clients
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